Sale Bulls

Current Red and Black Bulls for Sale

Red AA Bulls

MOSSHALL RED GRANITE U975 UK562477 40197503/06/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED HENRICK U952UK562477 201952 07/04/2018 
MOSSHALL RED EDWARD U909UK562477 10190911/03/2018Sold
MOSSHALL RED EDINBURGH U947 UK562477 40194703/04/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED STORM U949UK562477 60194901/04/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED EXODUS U930UK562477 10193029/03/2018 
MOSSHALL RED DYNAMITE U938UK562477 20193825/03/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED PELE U931UK562477 20193123/03/2018Sold
MOSSHALL RED JUNIOR ERIC U91UK562477 30191118/03/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED DANCER U902MOSSHALL RED MASTER U969UK562477 101902UK562477 50196909/03/201803/05/2018Sold Sold         
MOSSHALL RED FARLEY U872UK562477 60187201/03/2018 
MOSSHALL RED HARVEY U869UK562477 30186927/02/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED DUSTER U867 UK562477 10186705/02/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED HARPER U934 UK562477 50193428/03/2018
MOSSHALL RED LARSON U862UK562477 30186211/01/2018 Sold
MOSSHALL RED JACK ERIC T859UK562477 70185919/12/2017  Sold
MOSSHALL RED SENSATION T838 UK562477 70183812/05/2017  Sold
MOSSHALL RED PARKER T768 UK562477 70176810/03/2017  Sold

Black AA Bulls

MOSSHALL ARCHIE U953 UK562477 30195308/04/2018 
MOSSHALL EDGE U923 UK562477 10192315/03/2018 Sold

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