2017 World Angus Forum

We look forward to welcoming visitors from across the world to our herd on Saturday 24th June 2017 as part of he 2017 World Angus Forum.  Our herd profile can be viewed below or for more information on the forum visit:


The Mosshall herd of Red Aberdeen-Angus was established in August 2011 by George and Nikki Taylor with the intention of breeding an elite herd of red cattle to caplitalise on the demand for Red Aberdeen-Angus and the limited supply of them in the UK.

Based at Blackburn, West Lothian, the herd today numbers 50 cows and 10 heifers which are run alongside 80 commercial cows and was founded using genetics from a number of notable herds in Scotland, as well as importations from Denmark and also embryos from Canada and Denmark.

The couple chose the Aberdeen-Angus breed and the red strain in particular for their docility, easy calving, milking ability excellent finishing ability and strong maternal characteristics. The relatively small number of Red Aberdeen-Angus in the UK was another decisive factor, with the Taylors believing their was a gap in the market for them.

The herd has quickly established itself as a source of quality Red genetics, with the herd’s first calf sold to Genus ABS and two further bulls sold to Cogent. Other stock have been sold to pedigree and commercial breeders across the UK and Ireland, with most sold privately from the farm.

There is also a significant demand for high health status crossbred heifers from the farm’s commercial herd for use as ET recipients, with other progeny from the commercial cows sold as store cattle through United Auctions, Stirling.

Current stock bulls in use are ML Red Loaded 1579, ML Red Jackpot 1430, ML Red Brass 1630, Mosshall Red Elite P352, Bakkens Red Ion Jasper and Drumdow Red Pluto, with the aim being to retain suitable heifers in order to expand the herd to 100 cows in due course.

The 250 acre farm is also home to a caravan park. The family are delighted to be able to welcome the World Angus Forum to Mosshall to view the herd and look forward to meeting fellow Aberdeen-Angus enthusiasts from across the world.

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